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REFWORKS ~ NEW! ~ Citation Management: Tutorials - RefWorks YouTube Channel

RefWorks - YouTube videos

Links to video tutorials on YouTube.  Each video ranges from less than a minute to about 3 minutes. Includes videos from the playlists: Learn to Use RefWorks in 20 Minutes & RefWorks Fundamentals.

Note that RefWorks is a ProQuest product therefore most examples use ProQuest databases.  Regis uses EBSCO databases which have the same tools such as Export to RefWorks.

Please be sure to set up your account in the NEW RefWorks!!

1. Intro to RefWorks in 20 Minutes

5. Organizing Imported References into Folders in RefWorks

Migrating your References from Legacy to New RefWorks

2. Accessing RefWorks, Creating an Account, and Logging in

6. Managing Folders

3. Adding References Using Direct Export

7. Creating a Bibliography

4. Manually Adding References

More info...

This completes the set of tutorials you need to get you started on using RefWorks. The RefWorks YouTube channel has additional videos.

If you are a Legacy RefWorks user, you will need to move to the New RefWorks in 2018.  More information will be coming soon.  You can begin fresh with New RefWorks or you can migrate your data to the New RefWorks.  The following tutorial explains this procedure.