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LearningExpress (PrepSTEP) Guide

LearningExpress (PrepSTEP) provides the most comprehensive selection of academic and career-related resources available for students in one online location. Targeted learning centers provide easy-to-use, intuitive online navigation for interactive tutoria

Video Tutorials for LearningExpress (PrepSTEP)

The Help section on LearningExpress (PrepSTEP) has a number of video tutorials that will show you how to use different features on the website.

Using My Center

The "My Center" dashboard provides a summary of all of the resources you've used in each section (i.e., Tests, Tutorials, eBooks, Computer Courses, Articles, Flashcards). This allows you to resume progress in different activities, like practice tests or tutorials, or to return to a deck of flashcards you were using previously.

Practice Tests

There are several helpful features that you can use when taking a practice test on PrepSTEP. Most tests will allow you to take them in one of three modes: Learner, Practice, or Simulation. In Learner mode, you can view the answers as you go along to help you study. Practice mode will show you answer explanations after you finish the test. If the test you are taking is timed, a timer will be displayed, but not enforced. Finally, in Simulation mode, the test will stop when the timer is complete.


There are a variety of different tutorials available on PrepSTEP. Some tutorials are more interactive and include unit review quizzes or post-tests to check what you've learned; others consist of a series of videos on a topic. You can also save your progress part way through and return to the tutorial later.