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Smarthinking Tutoring and Writing Assistance for Regis Online Students

Research Librarian

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This Guide was created by Carolyn Swidrak (retired).

What is Smarthinking?

Smarthinking is a 24/7 online service. Students can obtain help with:

  • writing assistance
  • subject tutoring
  • study aids (online resources)

How to use Smarthinking

Smarthinking is your virtual tutor and writing coach.  Struggling with a difficult pathophysiology, chemistry, or other nursing concept? Login to Smarthinking and you will be paired with an expert to help guide your understanding.  Wondering if the grammar or sentence structure of your paper is accurate?  Submit it to Smarthinking and they will respond with detailed feedback to improve your work.


This guide reviews selected features within Smarthinking.  While Smarthinking is available to all Regis College students (for free), this guide reviews the most useful options for students in the Regis Online nursing program.  Use the tabs across the top to navigate within the guide.  Note that you must access Smarthinking directly from Moodle (not from this guide).

How to Access Smarthinking

Log in to Moodle.  Once there:

  • Go to one of your Moodle courses.
  • Locate the Smarthinking link which is  found in the Resources tab.
  • Enable cookies.
  • Disable your popup blocker.
  • You may see a system check like the one below, which checks to make sure your browser is compatible.

Token ID?

When you first log in to Smarthinking you may see a dialog box asking if you want to generate a Token ID.  This is needed ONLY for use on mobile devices such as an iPad or iphone or other smartphone.  Click X in the top left corner if you want to use Smarthinking on your computer.

Writing Help & Tutoring Options

Once you have accessed Smarthinking, you can:

  • connect with a tutor right away (drop in)
  • set up an appointment for later (schedule a future session)
  • submit a paper for review
  • submit a question
  • review past interactions and submissions (which are saved and stored for you!)