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Smarthinking Tutoring and Writing Assistance for Regis Online Students

How to get tutoring help

Struggling to master a difficult concept?  Working hard but needing some help?  Login to Smarthinking and set up a tutoring session.  Working with a subject specialist can help you do better in school.   Read through the options below to get started.


Which option to choose?


  • Work with a tutor or career coach
    • Select this option to work with a tutor one-on-one (either now or to book a future appointment).
  • Submit my writing or career documents
    • Send your paper to a specialist for review and feedback.  Papers are returned to you within 72 hours, but typically within 24-36 hours.

Video Tutorials

Smarthinking has a number of video tutorials that will teach you how to get the most out of the tutoring service.  These are available withing Smarthinking but also at the Smarthinking YouTube channel.

Working with a Tutor

Select Work with a Tutor when you want to 'drop in' and access tutoring help immediately or when you want to schedule a future appointment.

Before you begin...

If this is your first time working with a Smarthinking tutor, consider viewing a few short videos that explain the process.  Scroll past the selections box on the first screen, Welcome to Smarthinking! to access the videos.