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Films on Demand - Faculty Guide

Citing Films on Demand videos

You may see a Citation button underneath each video, however do not rely on these citations to use in your paper. They are frequently incorrect.  Please consult with the publication manual of the style you are using, or see a Research Librarian.  Depending on the particular video you are using, the citation might look differently.  Keeping this in mind, here are a couple of examples:


Producer name (Producer). (Year published). Title [Video file].  Retrieved from database resource URL.

You can also use [Streaming video] or just [Video].  If the video is a part of a series, make sure to include the series name after the title of the specific video. (i.e. ...Caregivers [Video file]. The Alzheimer's Project...).


Information Television Network (Producer). (2003). Nutrition and exercise [Video file]. Retrieved from 


Last name, First name of the creator. (If available) Title of the film or videoRole of contributors and their First name Last name, Publisher, Publication date. Database name, database resource URL.


Nutrition and exercise. Information Television Network, 2003, Films on Demand, 

What is the "database resource URL"? Look for Embed/Link under the video, then use the Record URL provided: