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Dental Hygiene Theory IV


Welcome to the Research Guide for the course Dental Hygiene Theory IV! Navigate through this guide for tips in searching our Databases, ordering through Interlibrary Loan and more!

Literature Research Assignment

Library Literature Search –

1.  Identify the 1 topic that interests you from the 3 topics you presented in class.

2.  Have your instructor approve your topic.

3.  Using the information learned in the research session at the library, find 5 pub-med evidenced based peer-reviewed articles that directly relate to your topic. This will require researching more than five in order to find the best ones. 

4.  Have your instructor approve each article.

5.  Read each article carefully, and fill in the Literature Review Grid, 5 total (1 for each article). See the Literature Review Template on the following page.



Literature Review Grid Template

Section 1- Research Topic:

Section 2Search terms used in the data base search:

Section 3

(1) Journal

(2) Article Name

(3) Author

(4) Year published

Section 4 –

(1) Type of Study

(2) Type Research Design

Was it qualitative, quantitative or a mixed methods design?


What type of research?



Section 5 –

(1) Study Sample and Setting

(2) Topic/Purpose

Who was the study population? What was the purpose of the research? Ask the question-does it relate to your Research Topic above?

Section 6-

(1) Major Findings (results and discussion section of article.

(2) Statistical Outcomes

(3)Conclusions/Implications (conclusion section of article)

(4) How does it relate to dental hygiene profession (your own opinion)


Section 7 –

Study Limitations

Paraphrase any limitations noted in the article


Section 8 –

Strength of Evidence/

Recommendations for future research


Paraphrase the strength of the evidence or recommendations noted within the article-