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Dental Hygiene for First Year Students


PowerSearch is a good starting point for your research.  It searches almost all of our databases.

It also has a feature called "Research Starter" which offers short summaries & overviews of more than 64,000 popular topics.

  • Articles are from the Salem Press Encyclopedia, Encylopedia Brittanica, and Magill Medical Guide.
  • Research Starters appear when the topic search term is broad since it is overview information. 

Enter your broad search terms into PowerSearch:

Look for the Research Starter entry at the top of your results:


Use Wikipedia for: Don't use Wikipedia:
  • Pop-culture information
  • Finding keywords and subject terms to search with - use bold or linked words
  • Dates, like birth and death dates, dates of major events in history,
  • Names of researchers or organizations who research your topic,
  • Finding related areas of study or related topics - use the "See Also" section
  • As a cited source for your paper or project - unless you're studying Wikipedia! Encyclopedias should generally not be used as a cited source for academic work
  • Without following up with more, reputable sources on your topic
  • For very current, controversial news topics - you might even notice that an entry page is "locked", to keep people from abusing Wikipedia
  • For legal or medical information