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Library Instruction Videos: Home

Instructional videos showing users how to various things on the Library site.


Welcome to the Library Instruction Videos Research Guide!

For students: Watch videos on how to do various tasks on the Library site, including how to to search in the databases, how to order through Interlibrary Loan, and how to use the different features in EBSCO.

For faculty: link to these videos in your Moodle for your students. You can even embed the videos directly into your Moodle page.

See below for more information.

Closed Captioning Subtitles

If you need or want subtitles for the videos, make sure you click on the "cc" icon in the video options to turn them on.

Linking and embedding videos

For Faculty: You can embed these instructional videos into your Moodle page. Simply click on the Share button under the videos to find the links to the video:

Click on the Embed button for the link to embed the video.

You can also just post the link to the video by clicking Copy to copy the link.

Use the embed link to create a playable version right in Moodle (red rectangle).

You can also have the video start at a specific section, depending on what you would like your students to learn (red oval).

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