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NU 635: Complementary Therapies

This Research Guide will show you how to use Natural Medicines (formerly Natural Standard), a database that includes high-quality, evidence-based information about complementary and alternative medicine. It also has pointers on search background informati


The Natural Medicines database doesn't contain scholarly articles, but each monograph includes references to scholarly articles.  This is how you can use Natural Medicines as a research tool.  When you find a topic that interests you on Natural Medicines, the references will lead you to articles about that topic. 

There are two ways to find the references in Natural Medicines.  See the boxes below for more information.

In-Text References

As you read a monograph in Natural Medicine, you'll notice hyperlinked numbers throughout the report.  These links serve as in-text citations, and the numbers correspond to the numbered list of citations in the References tab.  For example, a hyperlinked 3320 refers to citation 3320 on the References tab.

Clicking on one of these links will bring you to the reference list, where you can find the full citation and link to the abstract in PubMed.



The References Tab

The References tab at the top of the screen provides a list of references for the selected topic.  You cannot link to the full-text article from the References tab, but you can find all of the information you need to locate the article in another database.

Clicking on "View Abstract" will bring you to the article's abstract in PubMed, another database.  For information on finding a full-text article, see the Finding Articles tab in this research guide.