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NU 324: Professional Nursing Research

Where should I start?

Get the most out of your results!

Things to try:

  • Start broad and let your results lead you.  You can get ideas of how to narrow down your topic just by looking at the Subjects field in each of your results.
  • Use OR to combine similar/related search terms together in the same box to expand your search.
    • i.e. "patient centered care OR person centered care OR client centered care"
  • Add "nurse OR nursing OR nurses" to your search to narrow down your results to articles with a more nursing perspective.
  • While in CINAHL, use "United States+" as one of your search terms and choose MH Exact Subject Heading in the adjacent dropdown menu.  This will limit more to studies done in the United States.
  • Not getting many results? Try "Choose Databases" at the top.  Select Medline and Health Source to expand your results.

Please note: each database has its own limiters-- check to make sure all the required criteria are selected in each databases' limiter section. 


When in doubt...

...Check with your professor!  If you've found a great article, but it doesn't meet 100% of the criteria, show it to your professor.  They have the final approval and will be able to let you know if the article is appropriate for your assignment.

Need help?

There are three ways to get in touch with the Research Help Desk:

Phone: 781-768-7303


Make a Research Consultation Appointment!