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Therapeutic Recreation Resources

Resources for Therapeutic Recreation courses.

Why use evidence-based practice?

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a clinical decision-making tool to help practitioners in making well-informed decisions about the care and treatment given to their patients or clients.

Use the resources below to learn more about EBP and how to form a PICO(T) question for your research.


Form your research question by using the PICO(T) formula:

  • P: Population/patient - age, gender, ethnicity, individuals with a certain disorder

  • I: Intervention  - Treatment provided (This may not always be present in your question)

  • C: Comparison/control - The "placebo" or absence of risk factor, disability, or disease

  • O: Outcome - (Possible) Results of your intervention

  • T: Time - the time it takes for the intervention to achieve an outcome or how long participants are observed (this may not always be present in your question)