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Therapeutic Recreation Resources

Resources for Therapeutic Recreation courses.

Best Bet Databases

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

MeSH is the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus.

Each bibliographic reference is associated with a set of MeSH terms that are assigned to describe the content of an article. 

Searching MeSH Headings (using MedLine or CINAHL)

Interdisciplinary Databases

Cochrane Library


Tips & Tricks

Backward Citation Searching

This type of citation searching looks backwards in time.  It starts with an article, often a fairly recent one, and looks back at the articles in the reference list. It is sometimes called the ascendancy approach (because it searches backward from an ascendant).  It starts with a current article, and searches for articles that were written BEFORE the current article.  These articles were used by the authors when conducting their research on the current article.