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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources: Looking for your textbooks?

A guide to a variety of different resources about and surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Course Reserves Books and Where to Find them

Here is a list, put together by our dedicated Circulation staff, of all the materials we currently have on course reserve in the Library. Search the spreadsheet to find your textbook(s) and the Access URL that goes with it. Pay special attention to the Status and Open Until columns. Please note: not all the reserve books have open access links, and the ones that do are temporary and most require creating an account to access and borrow.

How to search the spreadsheet:  

Use the keyboard shortcut CTL + F to pull up the search feature and type in the title of your textbook.

If there is an Open Access link, you will find it in the URL column.

Free eTextbooks!

Due to the sudden closure of universities and colleges and moving to remote instruction, there's a new problem of access to textbooks.  Many publishers have opened up their collections for temporary open access or free trials.  Below is a list of resources students (and faculty!) can use to search their textbook titles and see if there is open electronic access to them.

Please know that most, if not all, of these services are temporary, so please check for an end date. Most have an end date of May 2020.

We are always happy to help! If you need assistance with searching for your textbook, or a comparable resource, please let us know:

Free 60-day trial

APA Style Manual

Temp FREE Access