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Dental Hygiene Theory II

Literature Review Assignment


  • Literature review of an article from a professional journal.
  • Access information via a computer search.
  • Begin to develop skills reviewing scientific articles in professional journals.
  • Encourage lifelong learning.


Each student will research one special needs topic of their choice, one that has not been discussed in class.  Using the information in the library research session find at least 2 evidence based peer reviewed articles that relate to your topic.  This will require at least researching five articles in order to choose the best ones.  The student will search for one article that meets the following criteria:

  1. English language
  2. Dental journal
  3. It must be a review article/evidence based
  4. It cannot be one of the following: an editorial; letter to the editor; case study or history
  5. The medical/disabling condition must be such that it has an impact on the dental hygiene process of care.
  6. Publication date no earlier than 2011.
  7. Self-check for plagiarism

A 2-3-page typed paper and double spaced paper based on the journal article.  You may use Wilkins or another text book for an additional reference if needed.

The paper will include the following outline:

1. Information technology:  Research and obtain electronically, print, and read each article carefully; highlight with a highlighter the important information.

2. Introduction: Etiology of the disorder and what was the “interesting factor.”

3. Trends and Barriers: Evaluate state, statistics of the disorder, regional or national trends and/or any legislation for the potential impact on provision of dental care.

4. Disorder, disease or condition:  Identify, physical, mental, medical, social, and dental needs of people with this special need.

5. Role of Hygienist implications

b.treatment plan need(s)

c. interdisciplinary care consideration

d. legal and ethical considerations

6.  Conclusion and reflection

7.  Information literacy:  APA citation format, references

8.  Professional preparation:  college level writing, absence of plagiarism, submitted copy of highlighted article