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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design "communicates ideas and information visually". The principles of graphic design are based on human perception and behavior.

Today, with the help of computer software, anyone can create sophisticated designs.

This guide will show you some resources and tools to get started with your graphic design projects.  

(Source: Credo Reference)

Where to Find Software

There are a number of specialized software applications to create and edit images. We have some specialized software on campus and there are a lot of free programs that are available, too.

Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and Illustrator are available at College Hall 8 (CH8).

Be careful when downloading free software on your computer or iPad. A lot of free software package contain malware which can damage your computer. Make sure you pay attention so that you don't download anything besides the program you want. Check out the tab for free software for some good ones to start with.