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Graphic Design

Free Software

There a lot of free programs to help you with graphic design. Here are some good ones to start with.

Photo Editing  - An image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows

GIMP - Software for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring

Inkscape - A professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Sketchpad -  a simple tool for creating digital art and images.

BBEdit - Basic HTML editor for Macs

Notepad ++ - Basic HTML editor for Windows

HTML Kit - Basic HTML editor for Windows

Google Fonts - a directory of web fonts that allows users to browse and preview fonts

Color Tools
Color Picker - HTML Color Picker

Hex Color Scheme Generator - Tool that shows you matching colors for your site

Color Scheme Designer - A designer tool for creating color combinations that work well together

Get Colors from Image (BETA) - Simple tool that get colors from any image

Check My Colours - Tool that tells you if your website design is accessible

For iPads
Adobe Illustrator Draw - An app for creating illustrations that can be sent as layered files to Adobe Illustrator CC or as flat images to Adobe Photoshop CC