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Research Instruments (Tests & Measures)

How to use this guide

This guide will help you discover resources related to research instruments. This includes information about various measurement tools, including reviews, how to obtain a copy, articles about studies that use various instruments, and more.

If you are a doctoral student you may need to find a research instrument for your own use. Other students may need to find information about the use of research instruments. A good way to discover research instruments that may be relevant to your own research is by reading the methods section in research articles.

This guide provides information on how to find information about research instruments

  • using credible websites, or
  • using databases, such as:
    • CINAHL
    • PsycInfo
    • ERIC

Note: While the Regis Library can help you find information about tests and measures, we cannot obtain research instruments for you.


What are research instruments?

Research instruments are devices used to measure or collect data on various variables being studied. Examples include measurement tools such as:

  • tests
  • questionnaires
  • observation schedules
  • scales
  • interview schedules
  • surveys