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Research Instruments (Tests & Measures)


Research Instruments and CINAHL Tutorial

How to find articles and information about research instruments using CINAHL.

How to find information about research instruments in CINAHL

Research instruments are measurement tools (for example, questionnaires or scales) designed to obtain data on a topic of interest from research subjects. Research instrument records are researched and created by CINAHL staff and these provide information about the research instrument, including information such as the purpose of the instrument, the population addressed, the variables measured, and more.

CINAHL profiles approximately 250 research instruments. 


The research instrument profiles include information about: when the instrument was developed, revised and modified, its purpose, variables of interest, original population, question format, administration, scoring, psychometrics, who owns copyright, and how to obtain. 

They do NOT contain the full-text measurement tool.


How to find articles where studies use research instruments in CINAHL

Research articles in the CINAHL collection discuss the methods used to conduct empirical research; these typically include discussion of which research instruments were used.