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Distance Learners Guide to the Regis Library

Database Access Issues

  • Are you using your four-letter, three-number user name, e.g., JDOE123? Is CAPS lock off?
  • What kind of device are you using, e.g, phone, laptop, tablet?  Have you tried using a different device and if so, are you having the same problem? 
  • What browser are you using, e.g., Firefox, Chrome, IE?  Have you tried changing browsers?
  • Is it an issue with your pop up blocker? (This is controlled from ‘settings’ within your browser.) 
  • Did you try rebooting? 
  • Are you accessing from a bookmarked URL?  If so, try from (Then click on Library from menu bar.)

EBSCO databases time out - Example #1

When you have an EBSCO database open but have left it idle for a period of time, you may be 'timed out'.  You will see a screen similar to the one below.  When this happens, simply start again by going back to the EBSCO databases.

EBSCO databases time out - example #2


Sometimes you will see an error message like this which indicates you have timed out from the session.  Simply login again to resume.