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Nursing: Student to Student Resources

Get recommendation and study tips from students just like you. This guide offers resources other students found useful plus study and self care tips as you move through your studies at Regis College.

Video and Website Resources

Keeping Up with Nursing

What every graduate should know!

  • Registered Nurse Sarah provides 5 common new nurse grad mistakes that should be avoided. As a recent new nurse graduate, these are things that I definitely will pay close attention to.

  • In this next video, nurse Sarah shares the 3 common struggles new nurses face. All new graduate nurses should check this video out.

  • As we go through our clinical rotations, we start to learn more about prioritization and time management. This is a big deal! When I first started my preceptorship, it was a little difficult for me in regard to time management but the more I practiced and showed up to clinical the better it got. I know that this is something that many people struggle with so here is a video by Sarah with some tips.

  • This next video is a little lengthy but it’s definitely worth the time. This video provides great tips in preparing for a nursing job interview. If you are someone like me who gets nervous for these things, then this video will help ease the anxiety. Knowing what to expect and preparing yourself will most likely increase your chances of being hired.

Nurse Labs

  • I have mentioned nurse labs in a previous post, but I wanted to bring it up again. You can find almost everything here. There is so much information on this website. Other nursing students also comment on there as well. You will also find links on this site for new information that is going on in the nursing and medical field around the world. Here is a list of some of the resources that nurse lab offers.

              - NCLEX practice questions (Tons of questions! This is also great for current students because you can use these questions as a study method when prepping for exams).

             - Care Plans

             - Career plans (This will help you find out the specifics of many nursing fields and helps you tailor your interest)

             - Nursing news

             - etc.

This site offers so much and more, and I encourage you to visit the site.

*FYI: The nurse lab website provide links to other resources that are also wonderful too!!!!