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Nursing: Student to Student Resources

Get recommendation and study tips from students just like you. This guide offers resources other students found useful plus study and self care tips as you move through your studies at Regis College.

Donique Whitaker, Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing Program Graduate


My name is Donique Whittaker, I am recent graduate of the accelerated BSN program here at Regis College. This is my second bachelor’s degree from Regis. I graduated back in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in biology and a minor in public health. Regis felt like home to me so when I decided that I wanted to pursue nursing, it was a no-brainer that Regis was the place for me. Coming back to Regis in Fall 2019 was so different. So much had changed on campus in the nearly 5 years that I have been gone. During my first undergraduate degree, there was no Dunkin Donuts in the Library. Having a Dunkin’s on campus makes things so much easier. I need my coffee to function!!

It was definitely challenging during the beginning when I started my first semester of nursing school. I for sure had lots doubts. This was a brand-new experience for me. I have been out of school for nearly 5 years and now I have to learn how to study again. I was committed to this program because I made sure to put it above all other things. School was my full-time job. Over time things got easier for me. I made sure to try different styles of studying until I found one that worked for me. Studying in nursing school is more than just memorizing. You must be able to apply the information as well. I had to learn that quick. Once you find a way that works for you make sure to stick with it. The 16 months flew by faster than I thought it would. It was well worth the time and effort that I put in.

If I can give one piece of advice to other students, it would be DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE. Comparing yourself with other people will only make you stray away from the things that you must focus on. I have done this countless times as a student and it only made me feel worse. Just focus on yourself and what you need to do. Pace yourself, go as fast or slow as you are comfortable with. This is your journey and your story. Always remember to take care of yourself along the way.