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REFWORKS - Citation Management

Understanding Folders

RefWorks organizes reference collections in Folders. Users create and name folders to store their references. In addition, RefWorks comes with two named folders already set up: Last Imported Folder and Not In Folder.

To manage your folders, click on the Folder Icon in the navigation bar OR go to the My Folders option in the left sidebar. 

My Folders will list all your folders, including Last Imported and Not in Folder.  The Folder icon at the top shows your named folders.  

To move a reference into a folder, 

  1. check off box next to the reference.
  2. click on folders icon at the top.
  3. select the folder to copy reference to.

Keep in mind:

  • You can have a single reference in multiple folders without duplicating the reference.
  • When you edit a reference in one folder those edits also appear when you view the reference in another folder (since you have only one copy of the reference itself!)
  • You can have subfolders.
  • Under My Folders, the list of folders is not in alphabetical order.  However, you can drag and move to put the folders in any order you like, including alphabetical.

Last Imported Folder

RefWorks collects the most recently imported data in a folder called the Last Imported Folder .  Data is stored in the last imported folder for 30 days.  The Last Imported Folder is not designed to be a permanent collection.  Anything that is placed into this folder should be moved into a different folder.

Not in Folder

The folder labeled Not In Folder is a catch-all folder that stores references that have not been assigned to a folder.  If you are looking for a reference but cannot find it be sure to check this folder and then move it into the appropriate folder.