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REFWORKS - Citation Management

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What is the NEW RefWorks?

RefWorks has introduced a totally new version of its citation management software, called NEW RefWorks.  The older version is now called LEGACY RefWorks. If you are new to RefWorks you MUST use the New version.  If you are using Legacy RefWorks and want to migrate your data to New RefWorks, see the tutorial located on the RefWorks YouTube Channel tab.

What is NEW RefWorks?
  • web-based bibliography and citation managment software
  • allows you to create a personal database of citations and related documents
  • imports references from online databases such as those licences by EBSCO and from other sources such as the internet
  • automatically formats in-text citations and bibliographies

NEW RefWorks is easy to use.  Navigation is based on icons.  Mouse over the icons in the navigation bar to see your choices. 

How to use this tool...

RefWorks is a tool that can help you manage and format your citations.  Keep in mind, however, that it is a tool much like auto-correct is a tool on your smartphone.  You must still check your citation format and make edits and corrections as needed.