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Women's Studies at Regis

This guide will help you find information and resources pertaining to Women's Studies.

Try these Subject Headings to Start Your Research

Women's Studies is deeply intertwined with other disciplines. Don't limit yourself to just women's studies as a subject heading. You will be missing out on lots of other great resources.

You may find that women's studies are addressed in books all over the Library but there is also a category of books that considers it primarily.

Subject Headings

There are many ways to search but it's often easiest to find books (especially in the catalog) when you know the subject headings that describe them. 

Subject headings are words that are used to describe what the books are about.  Subject headings are more than "keywords" and help you find all the books on you topic. The most important things to remember about subject headings are:

  • They are consistent throughout the catalog ("Feminism," searched as a subject heading, should bring up all the books on feminism)
  • The subject headings group like books together.

These are some examples of subject headings in the catalog:

  • African American women
  • Asian American women
  • Feminism
  • Feminism
  • Feminism and education
  • Feminist theory
  • Gay and lesbian studies
  • Gender identity
  • Homosexuality
  • Identity (Philosophy)
  • People with disabilities -- Social conditions
  • Sex customs -- History
  • Sex differences (Psychology)
  • Sex discrimination
  • Sex role
  • Sexism
  • Sexism in language
  • Social institutions
  • Social justice -- United States
  • Transgender people
  • Transsexualism
  • Women -- Political activity
  • Women -- Social conditions
  • Women -- Social conditions -- United States
  • Women -- Violence against
  • Women prisoners
  • Women's studies

These are Library of Congress subject headings.

Call Numbers

Instead of, or in addition to, searching the catalog, you could also go up to the stacks and browse the books in any of the following call numbers as the books are arranged by subject. Find one on your subject and you are likely to find more near it. 

Call Numbers

Most books specifically on feminism, gender or women's studies are in the HQ range. Here are some other call numbers you may find useful:

  • BF 692 - 692.5                           Psychology, sex and gender
  • HB 72                                       Economics and social justice
  • HD 6053 - 6223                          Women and work
  • HQ 12 - 449                               Sexual life
  • HQ 75 - 76.9                              Bisexual, gay and lesbian studies
  • HQ 77 - 77.95                            Transgender studies
  • HQ 503 - 1064                           Marriage and the family
  • HQ 1075 - 1075.5                      Sex role
  • HQ 1101 - 2030.7                      Women and feminism
  • HQ 1121 - 1150                         Women's history
  • HV 6626                                   Domestic abuse
  • KF 4758                                   Legislation and women's rights
  • P 94.5 W65                              Women in the media
  • PN 471 - 494                            Women writers and women in literature
  • RA 564.83 - 564.9                     Health and gender, health and sexuality
  • RC 451.4 - 451.5                       Mental health and gender, mental health and ethnicity

Of course, there are likely to be many relevant books outside these call ranges. Many books cover a topic as it relates to the role of gender, but are shelved with the other books on those subjects. For example, you can find books about French women writers such as Colette or Marguerite Duras among the books on French literature. Use the name of a feminist (Gloria Steinem or Susan B. Anthony) to find biographies, memoirs, and collections of letters.


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