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APA Style, 7th edition - Citing Sources

Journal Article with DOI

Wang, L., Tao, H., Bowers, B. J., Brown, R. & Zhang, Y. (2018). Influence of social support and self-efficacy on resilience of early career registered nurses. Western Journal of Nursing Research40(5), 648–664.

Parenthetical citation: (Wang et al., 2018)

Narrative citation: Wang et al. (2018)

Journal Article with NO DOI

Beach, R. (2019). Engaging students in shared inquiry. Voices from the Middle, 26(3), 9-13. 

Parenthetical citation: (Beach, 2019)

Narrative citation: Beach (2019)

Journal Article with 2 authors

Landers, S., & Kapadia, F. (2019). 50 years after Stonewall, the LGBTQ health movement embodies empowerment, expertise, and energy. American Journal of Public Health, 109(6), 849–850.

Note that a comma follows first author name, preceding the ampersand.

Parenthetical citation: (Landers & Kapadia, 2019)

Narrative citation: Landers and Kapadia (2019)


Journal Article with 3 - 20 authors

Faelens, L., Hoorelbeke, K., Fried, E., De Raedt, R., & Koster, E. H. W. (2019). Negative influences of Facebook use through the lens of network analysis. Computers in Human Behavior, 96, 13–22.

Note: This reference has no issue number, so that is omitted when constructing the reference.


Parenthetical citation: (Faelens et al., 2019)

Narrative citation: Faelens et al. (2019)


Journal Article with 21 or More Authors

Wan, D. C., Morgan, S. L., Spencley, A. L., Mariano, N., Chang, E. Y., Shankar, G., Luo, Y., Li, T. H., Huh, D., Huynh, S. K., Garcia, J. M., Dovey, C. M., Lumb, J., Liu, L., Brown, K. V., Bermudez, A., Luong, R., Zeng, H., Mascetti, V. L., Pitteri, S. J., …Wang, K. C. (2018). Honey bee Royalactin unlocks conserved pluripotency pathway in mammals. Nature Communications, 9(1), 5078.

Journal Article with no page numbers

Tamuhla T., Dave J.A., Raubenheimer P., Tiffin N. (2021) Diabetes in a TB and HIV-endemic South African population: Analysis of a virtual cohort using routine health data. PLoS ONE, 16(5): e0251303.

This article has been published online with no page numbers assigned. Instead, it has an article number e0251303.

Parenthetical citation:  (Tamuhla et al., 2021)

Narrative citation: Tamuhla et al. (2021)