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APA Style, 7th edition - Citing Sources

How to Cite Tables & Figures

When reprinting or adapting a table or figure from another source in your paper, you should include a copyright attribution in the table or figure note indicating the origin of the reprinted/adapted material. You should also include an entry in your reference list for the work. See Section 7.7 (pp. 198-199) for more information about reusing a table or figure from another source. For information about formatting an attribution statement, see the APA Guidelines page in the Copyright and Permissions guide or Sections 12.14-12.18 in the manual.

There are examples of how an attribution statement should be formatted in the manual and on the APA Style website. For instance, see:

Displaying Results

Chapter 7 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.), starting on p. 195, covers displaying results through tables and figures. Refer to this chapter for these topics:

  • Tables -- Sections 7.8 - 7.20 (pp. 199-206)
  • Figures -- Sections 7.22 - 7.35 (pp. 225-232)

This chapter includes many examples of tables and figures in APA format. See Section 7.21 (pp. 206-224) for examples of tables and Section 7.36 (pp. 233-250) for examples of figures.

The APA Style website also has a section on Tables and Figures.