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APA Style, 7th edition - Citing Sources

Website, no author

Mayo Clinic. (n.d.). Dementia: Symptoms and causes

Parenthetical citation: (Mayo Clinic, n.d.)

Narrative citation: Mayo Clinic (n.d.)


Center for Science in the Public Interest. (n.d.). Menu labeling.

Parenthetical (Center for Science in the Public Interest, n.d.)

Narrative citation: Center for Science in the Public Interest (n.d.)


Website with author

Cubanski, J., Neuman, T., True, S., & Damico, A. (2019). How much does Medicare spend on insulin?  Kaiser Family Foundation.

Parenthetical citation: (Cubanski et al., 2019)

Narrative citation: Cubanski et al. (2019)


Gorman, A. (2018, January 3). Pharmacists slow to dispense lifesaving overdose drug. Kaiser Health News.

Parenthetical citation: (Gorman, 2018)

Narrative citation: Gorman (2018)