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What are Open Education Resources (OER)?

Open Education Resources (OER) are teaching tools that fall under an open-copyright license-- in other words they fall under the public domain or have certain permissions from the creator. Depending on the type of license, this will allow instructors to adopt for their course, access, use, edit, and share these resources.  In order for a resource to be considered truly OER, it must follow certain criteria (the 5R's):

Reuse: Resource can be reused in its original form.

Retain: Instructors and users have the right to take ownership of creating, archiving, and using the resource.

Revise: Resource can be adapted or modified to meet the needs of the instructor or user.

Remix: The resource can be combined with other content to create something new.

Redistribute: Copies of the resource can be shared with others in any version (original, revised, remixed, etc.).

What types of resources can be OER?

  • Open Access Textbooks
  • Open Access books for required or suggested reading
  • Online Courses and course materials (MOOC) (i.e. lesson plans, presentation slides, course outlines, syllabi, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Images

How can OER benefit instructors?

  • Increase student retention.
  • More academic freedom to adapt materials to the course needs.
  • Expands the instructor's publishing CV.
  • Opens the door to more relevant materials for students.

How can OER benefit students?

  • Little to no cost for course materials.
  • Easy to find and access resources.
  • More engagement with course materials and instructors.

Much of the above information adapted from the BC Campus OpenEd site.

To see the entire video playlist, go to the YouTube playlist on the Council of Chief State School Officers channel.

Evaluation of OER

OER Resources

Are you looking for OER links and resources? Check out the List of OER Materials and Resources sub-tab.

Creative Commons License

A Creative Commons License is a type of open-license that allows others to access, use, copy, remix, edit, and redistribute a resource. This is the most commonly-used type of open-license. A CC license still maintains the credit to the original licensor and creator.  For instance, if you adopt an open textbook in your course, but only use portions of it to create a course pack, the original creator of the book you used is still listed as the author of the unaltered version under a CC license.

Click HERE for more information on the different types of Creative Commons licenses